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           This section provides the results of our annual reader rankings survey. We sur-     Editor-in-Chief,
           veyed our audience on their favorite providers across an array of categories, from      Regional Brands & Legal Times  Hank Grezlak
           accounting/banking to litigation support. We have listed the top three ranking      Managing Editor  Max Mitchell
           companies for each category, as voted on by our readers. The survey is refined        Associate Editor  Alexa Woronwicz
                                                                                   Copy Editor  Victoria Pfefferle-Gillot
           year after year to keep this your go-to guide. As always, if you see a category or      Global Director of
           vendor that we missed, please reach out and let us know.        ALM Event Sales & Sponsorships  Donald Chalphin
                                                                            Vice President, Legal Segment  Carlos Curbelo
           We thank everyone that took the time to vote. Congratulations to all of our      Senior Director of Global Legal Sales  Joe Pavone
                                                                            Director, Custom Supplements  Maria Stojanovic
           2022 winners!                                                    Advertising Account Executives  Shawn Phillips
                                                                                          Vivian DiStaso
           All the best,                                                                  Regina Davidson

                                                          Carlos Curbelo
                                            Vice President, Legal Market Leader     (212) 457-9400
                                                                             150 East 42 Street, Mezzanine Level
                                                                                  New York, NY 10017
                                    INDEX                                          ALM Senior Management
                                                                                 President & CEO   Bill Carter
                                                                               Chief Content Office  Molly Miller
                                                                              Senior Vice President and
           ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION                                                               2  CONSUMER LITIGATION FUNDING                                                       10       Global Corporate Controller  Daniel Herman
           COURT REPORTERS/DEPOSITIONS                                                         2  DOCKETING & CALENDARING SOLUTION                                              11     President of Events and Head of
           TRIAL CONSULTANT                                                                               2  MATTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                          11     Global Strategic Initiatives  Mark Fried
                                                                           President of Information Services  Jon DiGiambattista
           EXPERT WITNESS                                                                                   2  DIGITAL FORENSIC COMPANY                                                              11       Chief Sales Officer/Paid Content  Allan Milloy
           NON-PA BASED PROCESS SERVER                                                         4  CONTRACT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT                                                  11     Chief Sales Officer/Market Solutions  Matthew Weiner
                                                                               Chief Technology Officer  Jimi Li
           TRANSLATION SERVICES                                                                       4  END-TO-END EDISCOVERY                                                                    12       Senior Vice President/Human Resources  Erin Dziekan
           PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS                                                                      4  CASE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION                                                            12
           PA-BASED PROCESS SERVERS (INCLUDING THOSE WITH    ADR COMPANY                                                                                      12  Newsroom:    215-557-2486
            AN OFFICE IN PA)                                                                               4  ONLINE ADR RESOURCE                                                                        12  Display advertising:   215-557-2340
           “HOT SEAT” TRIAL TECHNICIANS                                                         4  INDIVIDUAL MEDIATOR                                                                        14  Classified advertising:   347-227-3147
                                                                       Legal listings:
           EXPERT WITNESS: ECONOMIC                                                               4  OVERALL LLM (MASTER OF LAW) PROGRAM                                        14  Legal notice advertising:   215-557-2330
                                                                       Trial listings:
           MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION & EXHIBITS PROVIDER                                   4  LAW SCHOOL                                                                                        14  Subscriptions/billing/delivery:      877-256-2472
           EXPERT WITNESS REFERRAL SERVICE                                                   4  CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION (CLE) PROVIDER                                14  Site Licenses:      215-557-2314
           COURIER SERVICE                                                                                 6  ONLINE CLE PROVIDER                                                                        15
           CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION                                                                     6  PENNSYLVANIA-BASED LEGAL RECRUITER                                         15  The Legal Intelligencer has been designated by the Court of Common Pleas of
                                                                       Philadelphia County, the Philadelphia Municipal Court, the Commonwealth
           TRIAL TECHNOLOGY                                                                               6  NATIONAL LEGAL RECRUITER                                                             16  Court of Pennsylvania, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, the United States
                                                                       District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the Bankruptcy
           REMOTE TRIAL SERVICES                                                                       6  LEGAL/LITIGATION SUPPORT STAFFING                                             16  Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania as the official newspaper for the
           VIDEO DEPOSITION/PRODUCTION SERVICES                                         7  publication of all notices in Philadelphia County.
           DEMONSTRATIVE EVIDENCE PROVIDER                                                 7  PARALEGAL SUPPORT SERVICES                                                         16  For authorization to photocopy items for internal or personal use,
                                                                       please contact Copyright Clearance Center at:
           BUSINESS ESCROW                                                                               7  LITIGATION CONSULTING FIRM                                                           16  Phone 978-750-8400 | Website
           WEALTH MANAGEMENT                                                                         7  JURY CONSULTANT                                                                              17  For customized reprints and any additional questions,
           LIABILITY MALPRACTICE INSURANCE                                                   8  CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS PROVIDER                                            17  please contact: Syndia J. Torres-Peña, Director
                                                                       Phone 877-257-3382 | Email [email protected]
           STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS                                                                 8  ONLINE RESEARCH PROVIDER                                                             18  The Legal Intelligencer assumes no responsibility for failure to report any matter
           ACCOUNTING FIRM                                                                               8  LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICE (INCLUDING BOOKS, SAAS, ETC )             18  inadvertently omitted or withheld from it. Member of Pennsylvania Newspapers
                                                                       Association and American Court and Commercial Newspapers. Hand-delivery
           BUSINESS ACCOUNTING FIRM                                                               8  SEO AGENCY                                                                                       18  customers must notify the circulation department of non-delivery before 10
           CASE FUNDING (PRE-SETTLEMENT FUNDING)                                       9  LAWYER/LAW FIRM BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COACHING                   18  a.m. to guarantee same-day delivery. Periodicals postage paid at Philadelphia, PA.
           PRIVATE BANK                                                                                       9  PUBLIC RELATIONS/MARKETING FIRM                                                 20  POSTMASTER, send address changes to:
                                                                       The Legal Intelligencer, 150 East 42 Street, Mezzanine Level
           FORENSIC ACCOUNTING                                                                       9  LEGAL OUTPLACEMENT/CAREER TRANSITION PROVIDER                   20  New York, NY 10017
           LITIGATION VALUATION PROVIDER                                                       9  FAMILY LAW FIRM                                                                               20  SUBSCRIPTION RATES
           TRUST ADMINISTRATION                                                                     10  PERSONAL INJURY FIRM                                                                     20  One Year $675
                                                                       Single Copy $5
           BUSINESS BANK                                                                                  10  REAL ESTATE LAW FIRM                                                                       22  TO SUBSCRIBE
           LAW FIRM FUNDING                                                                             10  LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT FIRM                                                         22  Phone 877-256-2472 | Email [email protected]
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