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                                                             ACTAR ACCREDITED

         Thank you
         for voting for                                                       Reconstruction &

         WREC!                                                                        Consulting

                                 Shelly Weed is a former police officer with   CRASH RECONSTRUCTION
                                 18+ years of crash reconstruction experience.   HUMAN FACTORS
                                 She worked thousands of crashes during her
                                 law enforcement career. Shelly has testified as   OCCUPANT KINEMATICS
                                 a crash reconstruction expert in Courts  across   3D SCANNING
                                 Georgia, but she has also been qualified as an   DRONE FLIGHT
                                 expert in human factors and occupant kinematics
                                 as they relate to crash reconstruction. She is fully   ECM/ACM IMAGING
                                 accredited as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist
                                 (ACTAR #2528). Shelly’s breadth of expertise
                                 translates into a more thoughtful, tailored, and   WREC’S Crash Reconstructionists
                                 thorough analysis of every crash.     Investigate Crashes Involving:
                                 Amber Bishop is an ACTAR accredited Traffic
                                 Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR #3780) and   • Commercial Vehicles;
         a licensed attorney. Amber has a degree in physics, a masters from Emory, and   • Passenger Vehicles;
         extensive accident reconstruction training. Prior to joining WREC, Amber was   • Pedestrians;
         a litigator at a highly respected law firm in Atlanta. She worked at the Centers   • Bicycles;
         for Disease Control and Prevention as a research scientist and epidemiologist   • Motorcycles.
         before attending law school. Amber has worked hundreds of crashes in her years
         at WREC. Amber’s scientific knowledge, legal experience, and attention to detail
         touch every case WREC handles.
         Female Owned and Operated    Urgent Response for Established Clients
         3000+ Crashes Investigated   2000+ Hours of Advanced Training
         20+ Years of Experience      Deposition, Hearing &                   770.315.9636
         Succinct and Persuasive Expert Reports     Trial Preparation Services
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