SPECIAL NOTE: All Sheriff�s Sales are conducted pursuant to the orders of the Courts and Judges of the First Judicial District.  Only properties that are subject to judgments issued by the First Judicial District are listed for sale.  By law, the Sheriff�s Office cannot decide if a property can be listed for sale; only the District Courts can order a property to be sold at auction. 


Properties to be sold by the Office of the Sheriff, City and County of Philadelphia, on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at the:

First District Plaza

3801 Market Street, 3rd Floor
9:00 A.M. (EST)
Rochelle Bilal, Sheriff


Ten percent of the highest bid for each property auctioned off shall be deposited in certified check, attorney�s check or money order with the Sheriff by each bidder when their bid is registered, provided that in no case shall less than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) be deposited, otherwise upon failure or refusal to make such deposit, the bidder shall lose all benefit of their bid and the property may be immediately offered again and sold unless a second bid has been registered, then, the second highest bidder will take the property at the highest bid price.

Additionally, where there is active bidding, the highest bidder, and the second highest bidder, if any , must post the entire amount of the cost of the distribution policy for the property at the time of sale by certified check, attorney�s check or money order with the Sheriff

The balance of the purchase money must be deposited in certified check, attorney�s check or money order together with a Deed poll for execution by the highest bidder to the Sheriff at his office within 30 days from the time of the sale. An extension of time for an additional 30 days may be granted at the discretion of the Sheriff upon receipt of written request from the buyer requesting the same, except when a second bidder has been duly registered. Also, if the first bidder does not complete settlement with the Sheriff within the thirty (30) day time limit and a second bid was registered at the sale, the second bidder shall be granted the same thirty (30) day time limit to make settlement with the Sheriff on their second bid. Thereafter, the Sheriff shall be at liberty to return the writ to court.

A second bid must be registered on any property immediately after it is sold. The second bidder must present the same amount of deposit that the highest bidder delivers to the Sheriff at the sale. An extension of time under no circumstances will be granted or honored by the Sheriff whenever a second bid is registered on a property at the sale.

The first bid or opening bid on each property shall be a sum sufficient to pay all Sheriff�s costs including advertising, all taxes, water rents and municipal claims due to the City of Philadelphia. If there is no other bid price above the opening bid price, the property shall be sold by the auctioneer to the attorney on the writ at that price.

The deposit by any bidder who fails to comply with the above conditions of sale shall be forfeited and the funds will be applied to the Sheriff�s cost, then to any municipal claims that the City of Philadelphia has on the property. Finally, if a balance still remains, a Sheriff�s Distribution Policy will be ordered and the money will be distributed accordingly.

No personal checks, drafts or promises to pay will be accepted in lieu of certified checks, attorney�s checks or money orders made payable to the Sheriff of Philadelphia County.

The Sheriff reserves the right to grant further extensions of time to settle and further reserves the right to refuse bids from bidders who have failed to enter deposits on their bids, failed to make settlement, or make fraudulent bids, or any other behavior which causes disruption of the Sheriff Sale. Said bidders shall be so refused for the sale in which said behavior occurred and for said further period of time as the Sheriff in her discretion shall determine.

The Sheriff will not acknowledge a deed poll to any individual or entity using an unregistered fictitious name and may, at her discretion, require proof of identity of the purchaser or the registration of fictitious names. The bid of an unregistered fictitious name shall be forfeited as if the bidder failed to
meet the terms of sale.

All bidders are advised to remain at the sale until after the last property is sold. The Sheriff reserves the right to re-sell any property at any time before the end of the sale, upon the successful bidders� failure to tender the required deposit. The Sheriff reserves the right to postpone or stay the sale of any property in which the attorney on the writ has not appeared and is not present at the sale

Prospective purchasers are directed to the Web site of the Philadelphia Bureau of Revision of Taxes, (BRT) "brtweb.phila.gov" for a fuller description of the properties listed. Properties can be looked up by the BRT number � which should be cross checked with the address. Prospective purchasers are also directed to the Philadelphia Department of Records, at Room 154 City Hall, 215-686-1483, and to its website at http://philadox.phila.gov where they can view the deed to each individual property and find the boundaries of the property. PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING THE NATURE, LOCATION, CONDITION AND BOUNDARIES OF THE PROPERTIES THEY SEEK TO PURCHASE.

The "BRT #" refers to a unique number assigned by the City Bureau of Revision of Taxes to each property in the City for the purpose of assessing it for taxes. This number can be used to obtain descriptive information about the property from the BRT website. Effective Date: July 7, 2006.



The Sheriff will file in her office, The Land Title Building, 100 South Broad Street, 5th Floor, a Schedule of Distribution Thirty (30) Days from the date of Real Estate sold on March 2, 2021.

Distribution will be made in accordance with the Schedule unless exceptions are filed thereto within ten (10) days thereafter.

N.B. - For the benefit of our non-professional readers who do not understand the meaning of the letters and figures following the defendant�s names, we make the following.


The name first appearing in each notice is that of the defendant in the writ whose property is being sold. All Writs are Writs of Executions.

The letters C.P., Court of Common Pleas; O.C., Orphans� Court; Q.S., Court of Quarter Sessions; C.C., County Court - indicate the Court out of which the writ of execution issues under which the sale is made: S. 1941. 223. means September Term, 1941. 223, the term and number of the docket entry; the figures following show the amount of debt; and the name following is that of the attorney issuing the writ.

Attention is called to the provisions of Act No.104, approved July 27, 1955, which requires owners of properties which are used, designed or intended to be used by three or more families, or of commercial establishments which contain one or more dwelling units, to deliver to the buyers of such properties a use registration permit at the time of settlement, under certain terms and conditions. Sheriff Sales are not subject to provisions of the said Act and the Sheriff will, therefore, not deliver use registration permits in connection with any sales conducted by her.

Very truly yours,


City and County of Philadelphia


OF Tuesday,
March 2, 2021


2208 Mount Vernon St 19130 15th wd. 1032 sq. ft. BRT# 152057500 Improvements: Residential Property

VINCENT C ROGERS C.P. July Term 2015 No. 1863 $395,681.22 Parker McCay.


5025 Pine St 19143 60th wd. 2800 sq. ft. BRT# 602124900 Improvements: Residential Property Subject to Mortgage

GREEN STREET PROPERTIES, LLC C.P. August Term 2020 No. 1728 $400,509.41 Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard, P.C.


2141 S 2nd St 19148 39th wd. 930 sq. ft. BRT# 391273400 Improvements: Residential Property

KIM GARTON C.P. July Term 2019 No.0744 $161,730.64 Ras Citron, LLC.


4910 Kershaw St 19131 44th wd. 980 sq. ft. BRT# 442134600 Improvements: Residential Property

JOAN REID C.P. October Term 2019 No. 0832 $61,482.41 Ras Citron, LLC.


1832 W Glenwood Ave 19132 16th wd. 533 sq. ft. BRT# 162341400 Improvements: Residential Property

ULYSSESS STALLINGS C.P. November Term 2019 No. 3462 $29,719.21 Parker McCay.


6554 N Smedley St 19126 50th wd. 1360 sq. ft. BRT# 172176000 Improvements: Residential Property

ALCINDIA HENDERSON C.P. February Term 2019 No. 03108 $88,986.21 Ras Citron, LLC.


8540 Torresdale Ave 19136 65th wd. 1522 sq. ft. BRT# 652321700 Improvements: Residential Property

JOHN CURRAN C.P. July Term 2018 No. 01612 $56,704.57 Parker McCay.


1813 Latona St 19146 36th wd. 880 sq. ft. BRT# 361073200 Improvements: Residential Property

LISA GLENN C.P. April Term 2018 No. 011102 $21,893.16 KML Law Group, P.C..


9641 Birwood St 19115 58th wd. 1472 sq. ft. BRT# 581404500 Improvements: Residential Property

RENA TIRKELTAUB, IN HER CAPACITY AS EXECUTRIX OF THE ESTATE OF ESTHER TIRKELTAUB, DECEASED C.P. October Term 2020 No. 0163 $106,965.16 Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLP.


5239 Walton Ave 19143 46th wd. 1609 sq. ft. BRT# 462071600 Improvements: Residential Property

5239 WALTON LLC C.P. September Term 2020 No. 1873 $190,733.94 Manley Deas Kochalski LLC.


9722 Wynmill Rd 19115 58th wd. 11700 sq. ft. BRT# 581195600 Improvements: Residential Property

ROBERT VECCHIONE, C.P. July Term 2019 No. 5048 $259,753.41 Manley Deas Kochalski LLC.


2037 Bonnaffon St 19142 40th wd. 992 sq. ft. BRT# 403054600 Improvements: Residential Property

MOSES KAMARA C.P. November Term 2018 No. 1762 $86,947.57 KML Law Group, P.C.


2410 Vista St 19152 56th wd. 2568 sq. ft. BRT# 561323300 Improvements: Residential Property

TRACY BARCO C.P. May Term 2017 No. 4441 $315,262.68 KML Law Group, P.C.


213 Tasker St 19148 1st wd. 645 sq. ft. BRT# 011042700 Improvements: Residential Property Subject to Mortgage

NADENE M. SHEARSTONE C.P. April Term 2019 No.3366 $294,770.38 Milstead & Associates LLC.


6126 Chestnut St 19139 3rd wd. 1745 sq. ft. BRT# 031033300 Improvements: Residential Property

VIOLETTA KIDD C.P. December Term 2018 No. 2903 $61,969.07 Shapiro & Denardo, LLC.


6442 W Girard Ave 19151 34th wd. 1155 sq. ft. BRT# 343027400 Improvements: Residential Property

DAVID ADENS C.P. September Term 2020 No. 1332 $103,472.34 Kaplin, Stewart, Meloff, Reiter & Stein, P.C.


8568 Benton Ave 19152 56th wd. 3675 sq. ft. BRT# 562425800 Improvements: Residential Property

PAUL LABRAKE C.P. March Term 2019 No. 3375 $162,005.50 Shapiro & Denardo, LLC


700 S Warnock St 19147 2nd wd. 1532 sq. ft. BRT# 023259710 Improvements: Residential Property

JOHN JONES C.P. July Term 2017 No. 0005 $438,333.37 Shapiro & Denardo, LLC.


609 North Pallas Street 19104 6th wd. 1099 sq. ft. BRT# 061288900 Improvements: Residential Property

WILLIAM F MILES C.P. August Term 2020 No. 2393 $29,559.19 Hladik Onorato And Federman, LLP.


2339 S Bucknell St 19145 48th wd. 686 sq. ft. BRT# 482299300 Improvements: Residential Property

ANTHONY D MCBRIDE C.P. August Term 2017 0152 $55,631.71 Hladik Onorato And Federman, LLP.


2525 Massey St 19142 40th wd. 1252 sq. ft. BRT# 406113800 Improvements: Residential Property

TYRONE DUREN C.P. July Term 2019 No. 2862 $66,671.08 Hladik, Onorato & Federman, LLP.


5829 N Howard St 19120 61st wd. 1584 sq. ft. BRT# 612456500 Improvements: Residential Property

BARBARA JOHNSON A/K/A BARBARA J. CORRY C.P. December Term 2019 No. 1129 $117,057.44 Hladik, Onorato & Federman, LLP.


15095 Wildflower Way, Unit 247 19116 58th wd. 2783 sq. ft. BRT# 583231095 Improvements: Residential Property

MAUREEN E TEMPLE-VENABLE C.P. August Term 2019 No. 4667 $373,448.66 Mccabe, Weisberg & Conway, P.C.


130 Spruce St, Unit 20A 19106 5th wd. 980 sq. ft. BRT# 888054963 Improvements: Residential Property Subject to Mortgage

THOMAS PARKER C.P. SC-19-01-02-3015/SC-19-01-02-3016 $21,143.08 Fineman Krekstein & Harris P.C.


726 W Nedro Ave 19120 61st wd. 2556 sq. ft. BRT# 612082600 Improvements: Residential Property

EVERETT BRADLEY C.P. June Term 2019 No. 6863 $125,814.58 Hill Wallack LLP.


4135 I St 19124 33rd wd. 1170 sq. ft. BRT# 332171500 Improvements: Residential Property Subject to Mortgage

GRAZNA SCHULLER C.P. January Term 2018 No. 2276 $64,393.55 Stern & Eisenberg, P.C.


6624 Woodland Ave 19142 40th wd. 2400 sq. ft. BRT# 403150600 Improvements: Residential Property

AIJOBORY INVESTMENT LLC C.P. November Term 2019 No. 2718 $92,656.93 Fox And Fox Attorneys At Law, P.C.


1124 S 54Th St 19143 51st wd. 1328 sq. ft. BRT# 513127600 Improvements: Residential Property

AIJOBORY INVESTMENT LLC C.P. November Term 2019 No. 2711 $57,678.07 Fox And Fox Attorneys At Law, P.C.